About Us

20 Years connecting rural and urban communities


CV Comms  Ltd a privately owned company with operations in Europe and Africa is a leading provider of cost-effective coverage enhancement solutions, and network optimization services to Network operators in Africa.

We achieve this by

  • Designing and developing coverage equipment specifically for the African environment.
  • Recruiting local personnel and using our experienced European Consultants to provide high-level training.
  • Working closely with our clients to understand and address their specific needs, and
  • Offering ongoing customer training and maintenance support services


CV Comms team is made up of highly trained and motivated individuals each with the responsibility of making the overall operations of the company successful. With offices in Nigeria and the UK, projects are managed from the HQ in the UK, while the actual engineering and implementation work is done by local staff and charged at local operating costs.

This approach gives our customers first-class European standard service, charged at local operating costs, delivered within time limits and budget. In choosing CV Comms as a strategic partner for installations and support services, our customers can have complete confidence that they are choosing a partner with the experience to help them capitalize on their overall service to their end subscribers and venue visitors.

We have proven expertise in delivering turnkey installations for macro BTS sites as well as micro BTS sites for indoor applications. Our management team first pioneered the concept of hybrid fibre/coax Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in Europe, working with both network operators and tertiary operators. Success was quickly achieved with Multi-Operator shared Systems being installed in Mega Malls (Shopping Centres) and Airports including Heathrow.  We also successfully deployed the first BTS Hotel System (fiber optic DAS for street-level coverage) in Africa for a Nigerian operator.


With a ready pool of trained and experienced Engineers, CV Comms is ready to offer full-fledged and customized solutions and services to our customers.CV Comms considers its people as its most valuable and important asset. Our engineers and technicians are amongst the best in the industry by way of the extensive training and crossfunctional skills imparted by CV Comms Ltd (UK).

All our engineers have a wide range of experience and skills and are armed with a formal qualification and certifications in the relevant field. According to the need of our customers, we can provide a wide range of technical support for a variety of products, services, and applications.

Our installation teams have hands-on experience in various telecom equipment from vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, NEC, Motorola, amongst others. CV Comms also has a proven track record of timely project delivery and within budget. 


"C. Vinan Communications (WA) Ltd is committed to providing telecommunications services that consistently meet the requirements of our customers by utilizing the most appropriate technology and qualified personnel and continually improve in our operations within the provisions of relevant statutory and regulatory requirements."