Pioneering innovative communication in Africa


CV Comms has more than two decades of experience in working with telecoms operators, OEM, and co-location providers. We deliver turnkey solutions where applicable.

We have the technical expertise and skilled personnel who pay attention to detail.

CV Comms offers the following services in cellular sectors:

  • BTS Installation and Commissioning
  • Rooftop GSM antenna and COAX installation
  • Transmission Switches Installation and Commissioning
  • D.C Power/Battery Back-up
  • Site Acquisition and site design.
  • Support/ Maintenance of BTS Site
  • RF Optimization /Drive Test
  • Site Upgrade /Resource Support Management
  • Electrification/ Earthing System of Cell Sites
  • Installation, Testing and commissioning of Microwave Equipment
  • Installation & Commissioning of transmission link
  • Mono pole fabrication and Shelter Installation