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CV Comms provide cost-effective power and remote monitoring solution to Co-location infrastructure provide. We design solutions using different vendor equipment to provide sustainable energy, monitored, and controlled energy flows.

Our unique approach to design and implementation has resulted in the deployment of advanced Power solutions with a remote monitoring system in various capacities across the industry.

Our power solution is hybrid integrated with a custom design based on user-defined.

Our remote monitoring solution is efficient in giving intelligent power analysis on both AC & DC supply, with formidable remote visibility over internet anywhere anytime, which also gives visibility on fuel management and other site surveillance.

We use the best European and American standard equipment for our power/RMS implementation. Our engineering teams are highly trained and reserved.

Services offered include:

  • Design of power and monitoring solution
  • Installation and commissioning of Victron Inverters
  • Installation and commissioning of CEDEL

Benefit of Our Power/Remote monitoring system solution

  • Reduction in OPEX
  • Streamline maintenance
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduction in site downtime
  • It gives constant remote visibility
  • It also enhances security
  • Improve response time on site activity