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We offer real-time 24hours monitoring capability to sites, equipment, and remote installations through enterprise IoT (Internet of things) applications; and RMS (Remote Monitoring Solutions). Our solutions come with access control, tracking, and analytics.

Email and SMS lets our teams track each site’s performance. This guarantees swift site intervention in case of any eventualities that may perturb the network.

  • PPM ( Preventive &Predictive Maintenance ) of Rf and power equipment for DAS solution sites
  • CM ( Corrective Maintenance ) of Rf and power equipment for  DAS solution sites
  • Cable Maintenance ( Power cable, Fiber cord and Coaxial cable)
  • Rectifiers System Maintenance.
  • PDG ( Power Diesel Generator) 9.5KVA-2200KVA installation& Commissioning
  • PDG ( Power Diesel Generator) 9.5KVA-2200KVA routine & Non routine services
  • RMS ( Remote Monitoring System ) Equipment maintenance
  • AC-DC inverters maintenance.
  • Hybrid system (GEN/Battery shyncro.) Maintenance
  • Telecom Air Conditioning System maintenance
  • ACDB/DCDB maintenance
  • RRU (ODU/IDU) 2G, 3G ,4 G and LTE maintenance.
  • Antennas Signal Strength Maintenance ( Walk & Drive Test)
  • Call outs management based MMTR resolution.
  • NOC, Network Operating Center Management.
  • Telecom Site Security management
  • Telecom site Janitorial services